Face Reading

Face reading is one of the ways done by astrologers. It is known to be the oldest form ofpredicting the future and now is followed in less amount.

5 Secrets only Face Reading by Astrology can tell! | by Famous Astrologer  India | Medium

But now most astrologers prefer doing palm or hand prediction. We all are very well familiar with palm reading and this method is known to be the common one.

Hocus Pocus: The Easy Guide to Palm Reading 101 - Lauren Conrad

However, face reading is based on a person’s facial structure, features, and, expressions. Moreover, face reading enables the person to judge people by simply shaking hands with them.

One of the great advantages of face reading is that it can help you out on many occasions like any future event, interviews, and making friends, and many more. But Face reading is not very easy to master. You need to have a strong will to understand the person’s personality. Now I will tell you about some face parts and their luck:-


How to Hide a Big Forehead

The forehead helps in luck in youth. A good forehead is full and mellow without any messy

High and broad forehead:- These people are very diligent and trained. They enjoy both wealth and rank.

Low and Narrow:- These people have very good imagination skills. But these people have fewer good prospects in their life.
Straight and Square Hairline:- These people are smart and intelligent.


How to Thread Eyebrows At Home - DIY Brow Threading Hair Removal

Eyebrows represent health and longevity.

Curved Eyebrows:- These people connect and relate to the world and their mental focus is people-oriented. Good in making friends.
Straight Eyebrows:- These people have a very direct and factual approach.
Angeled Eyebrows:- Have good leadership Qualities.


Eyes are related to wealth and rank.
Brown eyes:- These people are creative, have lots of courage, and don’t care much about profit or loss.
Black Eyes:- These people present mystery and never tell much about them.
Blue eyes:- Represents nature, healthy life, freshness. These people with blue eyes are very unique and have different ways of observing things.


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Aquiline nose:- Have leadership qualities.

Straight nose:- Have patience, kindness, and are very good.
Snub nose;- Lack of elegance.
Curved nose:- Reveals sharpness and curiosity. Have a lack of connection with friends an
family members.


7 Steps for Full, Luscious Lips | 100% PURE

Reflect luck and wealth.

Pursed lips:- Represents courage and wisdom.
Pale Lips:- Represents cruelty, decisive nature, selfishness.
Heart-shaped lips:- Represents independence, confidence, and sensual nature.


Ears: Facts, Function & Disease | Live Science

Has the power to observe a person’s behavior.

Small ear:- Represent honor, manners, and affection. Show shyness.
Big Ear:- Represents rudeness.
Vertical Ears:- Strength, courage, energy, and power.

That’s all. I think according to me face prediction is very interesting to know about. I hope that you liked to read the information about face prediction.

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Thank you.

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