What is the best form of government?

Many countries nowadays operate under the democratic form of government today.

The best form of government according to me is DEMOCRACY because in a democracy every citizen of India has a right to participate and vote.
In this form of government, each person has the right to share their opinion with the government. Democracy is known for the people, by the people, and of the people.


Democracy is one of the most famous forms of government today. In a democracy, each person had the freedom of speech. This form of government is very tolerant and if any person is against the government or disagrees with the government that person can simply vote someone else in the next election.
Democracy promotes equality among people which means that all people are equal as far as the law is concerned.

If democracy will not be there it can result in very bad as no one will have the right to vote or choose their representative and will face many problems. For example, Monarchy and dictatorship.

What is A Democracy?. - ppt video online download

The structure of democracy is unique because it allows the general population to stand up and fight for the things that they believe in every day. If someone is having any problem in day to day life have the right to go against the government and argue.

Democracy is followed in many countries so some of them are Norway, Iceland, Sweden, India, New Zealand, Congo, Nepal, and many more.

That’s it. I think that this form of government is very suitable nowadays and even promotes equality among people.

Thank you !!!! 🙂

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