How to unlock your Creativity?

Art is a talent in which a person can showcase their creativity freely and can express their feeling just on a piece of paper. Creativity ability is the skill and talent to use our imagination to create and solve. Some people are good at drawing while some are not so good. So I just had come up with a brilliant idea which can help you do wonders in art.

1. Let go of your idea of “perfect.”
If you always think about doing each and everything perfectly just leave that thought. Because
when you think the things to be perfect you will never be successful in showcasing your creativity freely. And that is the reason why you are unable to become successful.

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2. Allow yourself to have fun.
Whenever you draw just draw what is in your heart and whenever you draw you should be free-minded or relaxed.

3. Don’t be afraid to silence your inner critic.
Whenever you think that you don’t want to draw so don’t draw at that point of time and mainly listen to your heart what it says.

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4. Realize that you can be your own worst enemy. Not the work.
Never make work your worst enemy. If you want to make an enemy make yourself.

5.When in doubt, ask for help.
Whenever you are in a situation that you start questioning yourself that whether should I or not; so just relax, stop questioning yourself and ask for help.

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6. Don’t be afraid to see the adventure as a challenge.”It’s one of the most beautiful things about doing this — you don’t have to care… No one can wrestle the pencil out of your hand. You get to keep going.

7. Take a break
Do something else other than doing the same thing for a long period of time because your brain also needs to boost.


To come up with brilliant ideas and thoughts first you have to relax your mind and your body by meditating.

9. Stay with nature

How to Meditate And Turn Your Mind Into an Ally — Gustavo Razzetti

If you want to be a good artist first you need to be with nature. Because when you spend time with nature you get many ideas and start relaxing. Spending time with nature also has one more advantage as when you spend time with nature you observe birds, animals, the sky, and many more an like this you can become more creative.

That’s all for today. I know that with these simple hacks you can do wonders in art and can impress many people in the world just by your single art piece.

Thank you all.

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