Mysterious Temples In India

There are a lot of things science cannot explain. In India, there are some of the mysterious temples. Some of them are very unique and special. Many people were not able to even solve the mystery of them and still have an unsolved mystery. I hope you will like to have a look.

Kamakhya Temple: The Menstruating Goddess

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The shrine of this bleeding Goddess temple is situated in the capital city, Guwahati of Assam. Astonishingly during June, the color of Brahmaputra turns red which is associated with a mythological tale.

Jagannath Temple: The Temple of Opposites

Puri Jagannath Temple in Odisha: Essential Visitor Guide

This is the “Temple of Opposites” where the flag mounted on the top of the temple flies in the opposite direction to the wind, no eagle or vulture fly above this holy temple, the prasad in most holy temples of India go wasted or won’t be enough for everyone but in Puri Jagannath, everything gets into someone’s abdomen instead of the bin.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple: The Chambers of Secrets

All about Padmanabhaswamy Temple, its treasures and the royal ...

As tonnes of gold ornaments, treasures, unimaginable piles of gold bars, and countless cobras are said to exist. Specifically, the secret chamber beneath Vault B is where the most breathtaking secret exists and it is believed the entire chamber is made of gold and other treasures.

Nachiyar Kovil: The Growing Garuda


The mystery unfolds only when the Kal Garuda (The Stone Eagle Structure) is taken out during the procession. Initially, only four people are required to carry the stone Garuda out of the shrine and the number multiplies to 8, 16, and 32 men. The weight of the stone Garuda keeps increasing from the moment it is taken out of its holy shrine.

Betta Bhairaveshwara Temple: The Unknown

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There lies a small temple at the top of the Pandava Gudda Hills in Sakleshpur ofKarnataka. The picturesque views keep the charm of this old shrine intact. No one knows who built this temple but Indian Epic Mahabarata has a great connection with this temple.

Hasanamba Temple: Rarity at its Peak

Hasanamba: The Story of Miracles! - Nativeplanet

This temple is opened only once in a year, exactly in the first Thursday after the full moon in the Ashwayuja month (according to Hindu Calendar). The temple remains open just for a week or 10 days during the festival of lights, Diwali. The lamp, flowers, and prasad remain unspoiled when the temple doors are opened after a year.

Rain Temple: Nature’s Meteorological Department

This temple is said to predict how good the monsoon will be ...

According to the head priest, this temple is like a stupa constructed in the era of the Ashoka Empire. Scientists couldn’t faith on the phenomenon of this temple. If the waterdroplets are big, the monsoon rains will be big and if the droplets are small, drought will occur.

Kailasa Temple: The Mission Impossible!

Kailasa Temple is an Incredible Feat of Indian Architecture and ...

Here people which after very pure can hear lord Shiva’s Tandav. This holy complex was carved out of a single mountain from the top to bottom. Mythical creatures are sculpted in the rocky walls of this temple. There have been incidents people experienced a divine vibe after visiting this holy temple complex.

This is all folks. I hope you like the blog and would like to know more.

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