How To Be First In Studies?

It is very important to always be first in studies. In your timetable, the first thing to do should always be studying.

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Without studying you can’t do anything in your future. Our future is based on studies. Many children face this problem while studying. There are some ways by which you can become excellent at studies.

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These ways are very simple and you can easily follow them without any problem. But when you are reading the rules be sure that you follow them also. Way to become good in studies:-

  1. Pay attention in class.
  2. Take good notes
  3. If you have big stuff to remember break down into smaller sentences.
  4. If you are not understanding anything ask your doubt immediately
  5. Take good nap at night because your brain also needs rest.
  6. Sometimes children cannot study properly so there is a solution act as a teacher and think that you are teaching other children. Like this, you will have an interest and will able to learn also.
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  8. Stop multitasking. At one time only do one thing. If you are reading and eating so first eat then study.
  9. Don’t over-learn in one day or you will have no interest by tomorrow.
  10. Start with the most difficult subject first.
  11. During weekend, revise everything you learned on weekdays.

Bonus point: If you want to study never think of comfort and if you want comfort then never think of studying. Because study and comfort are very big enemies.

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So these are some good ways that can transform you to a good student from the last benchers. These are very effective ways just you need to follow them properly and nicely.

I also follow these rules. I know that these ways will help you very much and you would be first in everything.

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